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Welcome to BalletPointeShoesSale.com! This site is largely a labor of love: Ballet parents in the same boat, trying to navigate the costs of helping our ballet daughters pursue their dreams.


I say this is “our” story because this site came about after conversations with other ballet parents, realizing we were all in the same boat. Our daughters were–and still are!–passionate about ballet. And I mean PASSIONATE. (Sound familiar to anyone?) As parents we all wanted to encourage our daughters in this pursuit. After all, it’s great for fitness. Great for discipline. Great for life lessons in general.
One problem. Ballet is EXPENSIVE. When our daughters were very young students, there was only the tuition fees each term to the local ballet company. But as they grew older, summer intensive started. OK, that’s another big expense.

But the one expense that snuck up on us parents was the cost of pointe shoes. Ballet slippers were only $20 or so. But pointe shoes cost how much?! $90? Is that price right?!

As our daughters reached teenage years and started dancing on pointe most every day, we parents were shocked at how quickly the girls went through their pointe shoes. Between classes and rehearsals for performances, the shoes would wear out every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes sooner. And the more advanced the girls get, the smaller the time period before their shoes “go soft” and wear out.
In short, the expense of pointe shoes only gets worse over time. Local ballet professionals shared that, during performance season, they often go through pointe shoes every 1-2 days. Are you serious?? How does anyone afford to keep buying pointe shoes at that rate?


So we started to shop around the local areas. There were a half dozen or so dance stores within driving distance, but all the prices were about the same. We’d visit a dance store out of state when traveling. Just out of curiosity. But the prices again were pretty much the same.

Well, things are generally cheaper online, right? Amazon seems the go-to place for most things, we reasoned. So we looked up the various brands on Amazon. Big disappointment. Amazon doesn’t ship them direct (so no free shipping with Amazon Prime). And their links to sellers weren’t any substantial improvement over local retail prices.

But what we DID find helpful were the online discount stores that sell ballet gear. Admittedly, it’s very hit-and-miss. Some discount stores offer really good prices on some brands, but not others. And even within the same brand, a store might offer a great deal on one model but not on another model.

Thus the need for some research! It took some time. (And it still takes time with regular updates to the site.) But if one looks carefully enough through all the major discount online stores, one can usually find a really good ongoing price available for most models on most brands of pointe shoes.

Calculating final costs involves researching a combination of variables. There’s the regular discount price offered by each online store. And there’s the reward program of the store. And there’s the shipping costs added by each store. But if you do enough research into these three variables, you’ll again find a bottom line cost for most shoe models that really does offer substantial savings.


This website contains a listing of our final research results. For each model and brand of pointe shoe, we provide a link to the online pointe shoe deal that offers the cheapest final price point. It’s as simple as that. We also note the amount of money you will save over the course of buying 10 pairs of shoes, as compared to retail price.
The content for this site comes from ballet parents. And it’s for ballet parents. We’ve done the research and consolidated the results so that each ballet parent won’t have to do this individually!

Having said that, we’re continually looking to update the site. If you happen to find a deal somewhere that beats the best one we’re found for a particular model, we’d be grateful if you would let us know! That way we can share the results and continue to provide the cheapest way for all us parents to keep our daughters in pointe shoes!

A final thought. Because we update the site regularly, the best practice is simply to BOOKMARK the home page. Just go to that page and find your dancer’s brand and model—and voila you’ll have the cheapest way to buy those pointe shoes!

We’re happy to receive any further ideas from parents or dancers about what would be helpful to include on this site. Hope this site will be useful to you!

All the best,

KP (balletdad)



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