Calculating the Lowest Price Pointe Shoes

The simple goal of our website is to calculate the lowest price point for the various brands and models of ballet pointe shoes.  We’ve found that the lowest price point involves calculating three variables.

1. Ongoing price point of discount warehouses

First, the online outlets that sell ballet pointe shoes all seem to settle on their own fixed price point.  Interestingly, a given online outlet will offer the best price on some shoe models, while another online outlet will offer the best price on other shoe models.  This is true even for shoe models within the same brand (Grishkos, Blochs, etc.)  So our first step is always to research the ongoing price point offered by the leading online outlets for a particular shoe.  But this is only the first step toward eventually finding the overall lowest price pointe shoes that a dancer may wear.

2. Loyalty programs 

Most all the online outlets offer loyalty or rewards programs.  Happily, they’re typically very easy to use.  (You simply sign up for the rewards program during checkout, and then the website automatically remembers you every subsequent time you make a purchase.)  But these rewards programs can be quite different from one another–ranging from a free pair of shoes every 10 purchases, to an increasing percentage discount (12%…15%…18%) every time you purchase shoes.  We factor in these complications as our second step of finding the overall lowest price pointe shoes.

3. Shipping Costs

Finally, there’s the (sometimes hidden) cost of shipping!  Again, online outlets differ widely on their policies.  Most have free shipping if your purchase is over a minimum amount.  But this “minimum amount” can vary a great deal.  Once again, we factor in shipping costs in arriving at the final lowest price pointe shoes.

The Ease of a Click of the Button

Well, that’s what we do here.  We do the research and calculations and then provide a link to the absolute lowest price point for most brands and models of pointe shoes.  Sometimes it pays off to purchase two pairs at a time (e.g., when one outlet is by far the cheapest, but two pairs need to be purchased to avoid shipping charges).  But we tell you all this in our description of where to find the lowest price pointe shoes for your dancer’s particular brand and model.  Just navigate from our homepage, and you’re one click away from finding the absolute lowest price point!





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