Should I Buy Ballet Shoes Online?

Taking the plunge to buy ballet shoes online is a decision, but for me it’s become an easy one.

Buying Things in Physical Stores

I try to buy household non-perishables at Sam’s Club.  Paper towels, toilet rolls, snack bars, frozen meat.  Sam’s  club is my place.  Fresh produce I buy at my local Krogers or farmers’ market.  There are a lot of things I standardly buy in person, from an actual store I walk into.

Online is Often Cheaper

But some items are just always going to be cheaper online, if you find the right place.  Physical stores just can’t compete on certain items.  I love old book stores; and I really don’t want to see them disappear.  But the fact is, they often just can’t compete with online sites like Amazon, which doesn’t have the overhead costs and length of supply chain that book stores have.  It’s the same, I’ve found, with ballet shoes.  On a regular basis, dance stores just can’t compete with the best price points of certain discount pointe shoe suppliers.  As a parent trying to afford to keep my daughter in pointe shoes, I’ve just had to make the decision to buy ballet shoes online.


Of course, there’s also the point that “time is money.”  The time (and gas) it used to take driving to the nearest dance store is certainly something I don’t miss!  I still go to the physical dance store from time to time: tights needed at the last minute, a pad for a new toenail.  I actually still spend quite a bit of money each year at the dance store.  But given the (high!) price of pointe shoes, I buy ballet shoes online.

Where to Buy

Navigating all the online discount shops raised a lot of questions for us parents thinking about taking the plunge.  If we did want to buy ballet shoes online, where is the best place to buy them?  The answer, we found, varies a lot!  It really does depend on the brand and model of shoe your dancer wears.  And so this site came about.  From the homepage, you can easily click on a brand of shoe, find the model your dancer wears, and then find a link to the cheapest ongoing price point for that shoe.  Hope you find this site useful when you take the plunge to buy ballet shoes online!






2 thoughts on “Should I Buy Ballet Shoes Online?”

  1. Thanks for a great article.
    I agree the price online is super competitive and I personally hate shopping. It is not just the drive, even if you live close to the shops, it is about finding a park, organising the time and often having so much choice you just cannot choose. Also, I love getting items in the mail, it’s like getting presents. 🙂
    I love online shopping it certainly takes the hassle out of shopping.

    1. You know, I never thought of it before, but my daughter does react to ballet shoes delivered to our front door like she’s been given a special present to unwrap!

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